Imagine everything you and the people you know buy, the money you spend on the food you eat, the cloth you wear, the taxi you board, the rent you pay etc, a % of it goes into your pocket everyday... That is SKILLPRO.

Imagine 10,000 people who are making money in Nigeria give you N1,000 per year, that means you make N10,000,000 per annum residual income for life... That is SKILLPRO...

SKILLPRO â€" Regular Income for All Nigerians.

What is Skillpro?
HER PROFITS WITH YOU â€" That’s what Skillpro is.

Greed is what makes FEW people have SO MUCH while SO MANY have
SO LITTLE. If we share some more, the level of poverty in the society
will be greatly reduced.

Skillpro is the new baby of Young Nigerians Against Greed (YNAG) a
duly registered non governmental organization which campaigns
against Greed in the nation via empowerment programmes for the
society at large. Skillpro connects skillful professionals in all fields and
ordinary consumers to greater wealth.

With Skillpro Mobile App, each time you make payment for a product
or service, you get back a certain percentage of the amount, it’s more
interesting when people in your network spend any amount on a
product or service, you get a certain percentage of it also to the fifth

Each time you take a taxi, you and your team members make money,
each time you engage the service of a carpenter, tailor, plumber,
lawyer, doctor, pepper seller, teacher, script writer, actors etc, you and your team members get richer.

Skillpro is divided into three viz: SKILLPRO CAB, SKILLPRO SERVICES and

Skillpro Cab
This is the taxi app of the project. From the comfort of mobile phones,
Skillpro connects DRIVERS to RIDERS with ease all over Nigeria. The app
operates both intra and inter cities. Wherever your destination is, you’re
only a dial away. When a rider calls for a ride, he gets a list of all
available drivers nearest to him with the details of their cars and
personal details for him to make a choice, upon choosing one, the
driver is notified and in less than two (2) minutes he shows up at the
set pick up point. The driver starts the ride and ends at the
destination. The total cost of the ride is displayed on the two mobile
phones and the rider chooses the mode of payment CASH or WALLET(SKC - SKILLCOIN). Once the driver confirms payment, the rider automatically has 3% of the amount back in his wallet, his immediate sponsor has 2%, his 2nd generation has 1%, 3rd generation has 1%, and
4th generation has 1% and 2% to the platform for maintenance and
office operations. If the rider pays cash, his wallet gets debited with 10% of the amount and shared as above.

Skillpro Services
When a user calls a professional e.g. a tailor, lawyer, plumber, event
planner etc, the app displays the list of available registered
professionals closest to the user with all their details for him to make a
choice, upon choosing one, the app dials the skilled worker and the
two gets connected. After the job is done, the client chooses the mode
of payment of which he has 3% of the LABOUR or PROFESSIONAL FEE
amount back in his wallet, his immediate sponsor has 2%, his 2nd
generation has 1%, 3rd generation has 1%, and 4th generation has 1%
and 2% to the platform.

When did it start in Nigeria?
Skillpro was Launched in December 2018, as an upgrade to the very
successful service and ad platform, SKILLPAYER.

How to Make money on Skillpro App
From now, do not buy anything outside the app, use the app for all
your consumptions and share the good news with all your contacts.
Make your Network become your Networth.

Below are the various ways you earn money on SKILLPRO and the good
thing is that You get your money 24hours after withdrawal into your bank
account. So no one has to wait for an entire month to get his earnings credited, a day after you place a request from your wallet, you get an alert. Minimum
withdrawable amount is N5,000.

For every amount you spend on a taxi or your daily consumptions, you
earn 3%

Each time the people you introduced to the platform pay for goods
and services, your earn between 2% and 1% to 4th generation.

There’s a yearly membership fee of N10,000 only for skilled workers
who made money within the year. The fee is shared as below:

The member who made the payment 10%
Immediate Sponsor 10%
2 nd Generation Sponsor 5%
3 rd Generation Sponsor 3%
4 th Generation Sponsor 1%
6 th Generation Sponsor 1%
7 th Generation Sponsor 1%
8 th Generation Sponsor 1%
9 th Generation Sponsor 1%
10 th Generation Sponsor 1%

How to Join Skillpro
Registration and participation is completely free. Riders and other
Professionals only share part of their earnings with members and their
own contacts.

Riders, Professionals and all Users are thoroughly screened before
their registration is approved to use the app. Everyone must submit a
valid BVN alongside other details. The fact that no one can become a
member without a sponsor, makes everyone accountable to somebody
in the fold. So the platform is completely safe, people with bad
intentions can be easily fished out.

Wallet Funding
Users can fund their wallets with ATM cards or direct transfer to YNAG
Bank Account. Online payment comes with automatic crediting of the
wallet while Bank Transfer takes between 2 to 24hours. Any account
with up to 10,000SKC debit gets deactivated until it is funded

Last Line
Skillpro is a revolution in the marketplace, No skillful man, who is
willing to work, deserves to be poor in a society where businesses
record mega profits every year. Join this moving train and bid farewell
to lack in the society. Skillpro …Connecting You To Greater Wealth

Nigeria is too RICH for any Nigerian to be POOR, Please join this Moving Train today.

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